MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Treetop Walk Singapore

MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Treetop Walk

Last Updated 5 July 2020 There is no question that there is a lot to see and do in Singapore! We fell in love with this amazing city during our week long visit, and could easily have spent even longer. While … Read more

Things You Should Know When Planning A Trip To Singapore

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Singapore

Singapore has been on my list of places to visit for a long time. I’ve transferred through Singapore’s Changi Airport more times than I can count but never had the opportunity (or, admittedly, made the time) to venture into Singapore … Read more

How To Spend 5 Hours At Singapore Changi Airport

How To Spend 5 Hours at Singapore Changi Airport

Last Updated 19 January 2020 Having a long layover in any airport isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun time… But some airports are definitely better than others and spending 5 hours at Changi Airport will go surprisingly quickly as there … Read more