How we afford to travel the world all the time

How We Afford To Travel The World (& How You Can Too!)

Back when I was still working full-time, people were always commenting on how often my husband and I travelled. “You’re always on holiday!” “Do you ever work?” “You’re heading off again?!” “How do you afford to travel so much?!” My … Read more

How to eliminate single-use plastic when you travel pin

How To Use Less Single-Use Plastic When You Travel

During our 9 month trip around South East Asia, the severe impact of single-use plastic became painfully obvious. Countries in South East Asia just don’t have the resources or the know- how to deal with plastic recycling. The amount of … Read more

Realistic Tips On How To Save Money For Travel

20 Realistic Ways To Save Money For Travel

Travel is honestly one of the most incredible things you can do. The experiences you’ll have when you explore the world are priceless. Right?!  Except, it’s definitely not cost-less!  Most of us need to save up in order to travel…  … Read more

Must have travel card Revolut to save money abroad

Revolut – The Perfect Travel Card

Banking is a pain in the arse.  There, I said it.  Nothing seems simple with banks. Despite online banking, there is actually very little you can truly do exclusively online. Half the time you still need to go into a … Read more

21 Secrets that will have you Travel Like A Pro

Travel Like A Pro – 21 Secret Travel Tips

Let’s get straight to the point. Even when you know how to travel like a pro, travel is not glamorous. Travel gets romanticised, and yes! Visiting and exploring beautiful places around the world, soaking up foreign cultures and tasting exotic … Read more

7 must-have travel apps

Top 7 Must-Have Travel Apps

Do you remember those days when you would just organise to meet your friends at the cinema, and you’d all just show up? No texting or WhatsApp, no Facebook or Snapchat… These days, most of us don’t go anywhere without our … Read more

6 pro packing tips for packing light. Hand-luggage only

How To Travel Light – 6 Pro Packing Tips

Last Updated 31 July 2020 Let’s be real – We’ve all been guilty of packing too much for a trip What if it rains? Shouldn’t you pack an umbrella? It might be colder than you expect in the evenings, shouldn’t … Read more