Amazing Bucket List Destinations – Part One

On the last count, I’ve visited 34 countries.

But, the world is BIG (duh!)… And there are still LOADS of places that I haven’t been to. It feels like my list of amazing bucket list destinations keeps growing rather than getting shorter!

Honestly… Each time I tick one new place off the list, at least three more get added 😬

I know many of you can relate…

While I’m slowly working my way through the never-ending list of bucket list destinations, I often read other travel blogs for inspiration. So many of these blogs inspire me and help me find new places that I had never even considered before.

Only these past couple of weeks, Slovenia has come up again and again as a place people recommend – it’s slowly creeping to the top of my bucket list! (Spoiler alert: Watch out for part two of this series…!)

That’s why I decided to reach out to some of these amazing travel bloggers to see if they would tell me about their absolute Top Bucket List Destinations for me to share with you!

I love how supportive the blogging community is. These ladies right here are amazing and I highly encourage you to check out some of these awesome travel blogs once you’re done with this post 😇

Note: This is Part One of Two! I had such an overwhelming response to my request, I decided to split the post into two.

Enjoy these first six, and keep your eyes peeled for six more amazing bucket list destinations in the next post!!

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of the most amazing bucket list destinations as voted by travel bloggers!


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Submission by Lindsey of Have Clothes Will Travel

Japan will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a country filled with surprises that I would return to in a heartbeat.

I’ve yet to experience another country like it in all my travels!

For me, I’ve always pictured Japan – Tokyo specifically – as a loud, chaotic city with millions and millions of people milling about. And while Tokyo does have a population of 13 million, you’d never guess it.

It is the cleanest and quietest city I’ve ever experienced.

Tokyo, Japan, bustling area by a shrine

Japan also has the best food I’ve ever tasted in my life, and Tokyo is the city with the most Michelin Star Restaurants in the world (304!)

And no, it’s not all sushi!

Be sure to try Ramen, Soba, Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ), Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelet) and mochi!


Bucket List Destination Japan - Kyoto, Mount Fuji Sunrise and Tokyo

If you went to Japan and just tried all the amazing food available, you’d have a wonderful trip, in my opinion! However, there’s so much to experience in Japan, it would be a shame to not experience at least a few activities beyond their incredible cuisine.

These were my favorite activities in Japan:

  • Climbing Mount Fuji – This is actually my favorite travel memory to date. This will take a little over a day to do, and you’ll spend the night in a hut near the top of the mountain. This is so you can wake up just before dawn, hike to the summit and watch the sunrise. It’s absolutely amazing!
  • Dine with a geisha in Kyoto – Yes! You can actually hang out with a geisha while in Kyoto. You’ll enjoy a dinner while the geisha perform traditional dances and play traditional instruments. After dinner, I was even challenged to a geisha drinking game (which I lost).
  • Themed cafes – A truly unique experience is visiting a themed-café in Japan. From maid cafes to cat cafes and even a Robot Restaurant! Visiting at least one themed café in Tokyo is a must!

Dining with Geisha in Kyoto, Japan

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Submission by Kasia of Kasia Writes

A few years ago, I saw a very touristy video on Iceland. There was something about it and I knew that I had to go there.

I’ve been there twice now and I still can’t get enough of the place.

Many people who visit Iceland just do Reykjavik and surrounding area. While those are worth a visit, there is so much more to Iceland that will astound you. Go and see it all or as much as you can!

Iceland is unlike any other place I have ever been to before. It’s lush, rugged, desolate and charming all in one. There are parts that look like a different planet or like a different world. You’ll see stunning waterfalls, mist-covered mountaintops, glaciers, volcanoes, rainbows, and geysers.

It’s easy to see why it’s called the land of fire and ice.

Bucket List Destination Iceland

The weather in Iceland changes all the time. You can have rain and fog followed by sunshine in the span of minutes. It’s always best to dress in layers, have waterproof clothes and appropriate footwear. Also, stick to marked roads and trails.

I would definitely recommend a more rugged vehicle if you plan on driving.

Iceland waterfall

Iceland is very expensive.

While Reykjavik and Akureyri (the two largest cities) have fantastic restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, be prepared to spend a lot on food and drink. You can stock up on groceries at the store and prepare your own meals to cut down on cost. This is especially handy if your accommodations have a kitchen. There are many stunning camping sites (seasonal) if you want to skip the more traditional accommodations.

You can do Iceland on your own or take advantage of the many tours offered there.

You can snowmobile on the glacier, see lava caves, swim in geothermal baths, climb waterfalls and chase Northern Lights.

I can’t wait to go back again!

Iceland northern lights

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Sicily, Italy

Submission by Christine of The Uncorked Librarian

Waking up to the sound of roosters, you stretch your legs and pull open your vast bedroom shades. Have you died and gone to heaven?  As rows and rows of sweet grapes greet your thirsty eyes along with the morning sun and a biting cappuccino, you remember that you are in Sicily, Italy.

A little island removed from the boot, Sicily is an oasis of wineries, temples, and white cascading cliffs.

Have you ever stayed overnight on a winery? 

Staying on a Vineyard in Sicily

Although maybe not quite bathing elephants in South Africa or hot air ballooning in Dubai, sleeping on the Planeta Estate in Sicily had always been a bucket list item for us – I am The Uncorked Librarian, after all.

The estate sits in the rolling Italian hills amidst farmland and solar-powered windmills.

Visitors enjoy onsite chefs, farm fresh dinners, in-house wines, an infinity pool, and an escape from bustling Palermo and Catania. Located nearby, wine taste and picnic at one of their numerous wineries – each different because of the diverse Sicilian climate and soil.

Bucket List destination Sicily, Italy

If wine is not on your bucket list, though, you can always learn about the mafia in Palermo, climb the Turkish Steps in Realmonte, and duck in and out of family-owned coffee and ice cream shops in Montelepre. Take the cable cars up to Mount Etna, eat sea urchin in Syracuse, chocolate taste in Modica, snack on the famous Noto granite (flavored ice), or get your history buff on with Agrigento’s archeological sites.

The attractions are endless and usually overlooked.

Rent a car, drive for days, city hop, and don’t miss out on all that Sicily has to offer. A different version of Italy awaits the curious traveler in one of my favorite little islands.

Harbour in Sicily Italy

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The Grand Canyon

Submission by Alicia Kaye

There aren’t many places in the world where glossy photographs taken by world-famous photographers don’t do it justice.

The Grand Canyon, however, is one of those places.

Boasting with vibrant energy, yet giving off a sense of calm and pure nature, The Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list.

This National Park sits in the heart of Arizona and is one of the largest national parks in the United States, covering over 1,200,000 acres of land! That number will be unimaginable to most of us, you’ve really got to see it to believe it!

It’s hard to put into words how magnificent The Grand Canyon really is. It had me speechless, which doesn’t happen very often.

Large vistas of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has something for everybody. If, like me, you’re a bit of an adventure seeker, then the helicopter ride is a must for you. You’ll fly high above a forest that feels a million miles long when the floor is suddenly whisked from underneath you as you hover above the canyon. Dipping in and out via helicopter is the best way to see The Grand Canyon for sure!

Don’t worry though, if you prefer two feet firmly on the floor then The Grand Canyon has hundreds of hiking trails. Some easy, some hard.

But, be warned: All the hikes into and out of the canyon are strenuous and the weather can be challenging.

Make sure you are well prepared!

But what if you just want to see it? Well, The Grand Canyon has got you covered as well! There are tonnes of viewing points where you drive literally up to the edge and take in all its beauty!

My Top Tip: Try and see a sunrise – You won’t regret it!

I can guarantee that no matter how you spend your time here you’ll leave a piece of your heart behind.

Looking out over the Grand Canyon

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Submission by Kat from Addicted To Travel

As an Archaeologist, Egypt has been on the top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember and visiting last year it did not disappoint at all. The archaeology is some of the most impressive in the world and probably the most impressive I have ever seen.

The best way to visit Egypt has to be on a cruise.

Many of the cities and tourist hot spots are located along the River Nile so this is a great way to sit back and relax and get to explore this amazing country.

If you are stretched for time and money (like we were), you can do the short cruise which runs from Luxor to Aswan. Having a tour guide means you get to see all the top sites, at the best times, with plenty of detailed information about what you are seeing.

I know some people solo travel to Egypt but for ease, safety and the best time I think going as part of a tour is the best way.

Egypt river cruise bucket list

One of the perks of going on a cruise is that all your meals are made for you and the tours are always timed perfectly so that you are back on the boat for lunch and dinner so you never go hungry.

My favourite night was the Egyptian night where they cooked all their local delicacies, which included loads of fish and freshly made breads.


I loved Aswan. We spent 3 days here and we got to see a lot in that time. But just this part of the river seemed a lot more relaxed and the views were stunning. You can visit the Kitcheners island which sits in the middle of the River Nile and is a stark contrast to anything else you will see in the country. Loads of exotic trees, plants, birds – You actually forget you are in Egypt.

If Egypt is on your bucket list then definitely go, it’s an amazing place, with so much culture. Everyone is incredibly friendly and definitely take a look at the River Cruises for a taste of luxury.

My Top Tip: Make sure you travel outside of the hot season. We visited at the end of April and it was nearly 40 degrees – Not for the faint-hearted.

Kat Addicted to Travel in Egypt

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New York City

Submission by Elle from Elle Goes Global

Hi, I’m Elle, a 24-year-old Surrey based Travel, Food and Lifestyle blogger. I say ‘based’ in the loose sense of the term because I try to escape on holiday as much as I can.

For me, travel is a break from reality and the chance to experience new cultures. When Joannda asked me to contribute to this post I was delighted! I love sharing my travel experiences with others. But picking just one destination was hard… I flipped between South Africa, New York, and Orlando…

In reality, my bucket list = the WORLD!

But, I’ve chosen to share with you my experiences in the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the concrete jungle – New York City!

Bucket List City Destination New York

Since a young age, I dreamt about visiting New York.

The city had graced my TV screens for years through the sitcom Friends and my favourite film of all time – Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Back in 2014, I was lucky enough to visit for five days and I instantly fell in love. I didn’t want to leave.

I still think about living there – maybe I’ll try it one day!

The reason I love New York so much is the fact that it’s the polar opposite of where I come from.

Surrey is full of quaint little villages and National Trust properties. New York, in contrast, has towering skyscrapers, gigantic zebra crossings and an endless supply of landmark attractions and vibrant bars.

Most of all I adore the atmosphere in the city. It’s buzzing! It’s like walking through the set of my favourite television shows and films. I was left mesmerised and I vow to return.

If you haven’t been yet I urge you to go and check out these attractions during your stay….

  • Ascend to the top of the Rockefeller Center at night and admire the sparkling views of the city and its iconic Empire State Building
  • Take a stroll through Central Park and shop for dazzling jewellery at Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue.
  • Take time to pay your respects to the victims of 9/11 with a visit to the Ground Zero memorial fountains. You’ll find white roses next to names of those tragically killed if it would have been their birthdays – it’s an eerily quiet place but a very important part of the city’s modern-day history (just don’t take selfies here please, I beg you).
  • Climbing the Statue of Library is, of course, a must, but if you want to climb right to the top of Lady Liberty’s crown you need to be prepared to book up to a year in advance.

Bucket List Destination New York

New York has something for everyone.

Be dazzled by the neon lights of Times Square and make the most of all the shopping opportunities. It is a foodie lovers paradise too, and if you have time, be sure to catch a show on Broadway! Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has made it’s way over to the States now and its well worth seeing.

Top Tip: Clothes are MUCH cheaper in New York than they are in the UK – you might want to take an extra empty suitcase over with you!

For an unforgettable City break, you really can’t get much better than New York City. One thing is for sure – once you’ve visited New York you’ll keep going back for more!

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So there you have it, the first six awesome Bucket List Destinations as voted by Travel Bloggers. I am working on Part Two as we speak! Let me know what you think, and what your top Bucket List destination is (either already visited or still on the to-do).

What other destinations do you want to know more about?? Leave me a comment below!


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12 thoughts on “Amazing Bucket List Destinations – Part One”

  1. Really enjoyed this post and once again have serious travel envy! I have been to Iceland and would love to go back! I’ve also been to New York when I was a teenager, but all of the other places are new to me. I have so many places on my bucket list, I’m not sure where to start!x

    • Iceland is definitely on my bucket list!! But I know what you mean, it IS hard to know where to start!! Take a year off and do them all? 😉

  2. Thank you so much for asking me to contribute. The piece came out great. I love all the pictures and reading about unique destinations.

    We are hoping to visit Iceland with the start of the new year, so this post definitely gave me a few ideas. I had no idea it was that pricey. Europe in general tends to break the bank these days.

    Japan is on our short list too, maybe for 2020. We need a few weeks to travel to the other side of the world.

    The Grand Canyon is something that I have always wanted to see–and is on my bucket list. I need to add more outdoor travel in general to my experience. I cannot believe that I haven’t made it out that far west yet.

    Thanks, again, for thinking of me. I am so glad that we connected on Twitter!

    • Thanks, Christine! I am so happy you wanted to take part!! I was blown away at the response from everyone and love how diverse the bucket list destinations are!! Staying at the vineyard in Sicily sounds like absolute heaven to me – something like that is right down our alley! Yes, Europe does tend to get a bit pricey unfortunately, but Iceland and Scandinavia in general seem to be so. As is Japan actually… But absolutely worth it! The Grand Canyon is right up there on my bucket-list. I’m itching to do a helicopter ride over it now after reading Alicia’s contribution!! Sounds amazing!

  3. These are great! It’s really nice to hear all the different places that people love and each one so different from the other! 💜

    Looking forwards to part 2!

    • I know, I loved the fact that everyone had such different destinations to share!! It just goes to show how incredible this world of ours is – so many amazing places to see!!

    • Iceland is definitely high up on my list – very jealous of you heading there next year!! Japan is amazing 🙂 Having lived there for two years I know I experienced it pretty thoroughly but I’d still love to go back again!

    • Thanks for taking part, Kat! I don’t know if doing this post was good or bad – I have SO many new destinations to add to my bucket list now!!! 😬


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