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This is my first month writing as part of Travel Linkup. For the first week of each month, any blogger can participate and write about the chosen topic. It’s a great initiative from some amazing bloggers and a fun way to get writing inspiration! 

For this month they posed the question: What are your travel luxuries? The whole shebang, ephemeral moments that you’ll always treasure or perhaps something in-between?

Travel Luxuries Travel Linkup

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Luxury Travel

When I initially thought of what luxury travel means to me, I pictured flying first class with Emirates (still a dream at this point!) and an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora (also on the bucket list!)

But, while I might not have experienced quite that level of “luxury” there are so many other things that I’ve been very fortunate to experience and have left a lasting glow that I can still go back to and enjoy from time to time.



Going on safari in Africa was always one of my top travel dreams, and it did not disappoint!  

Maybe not “luxury” in the traditional sense… We opted for a camping safari because it’s not cheap to do a safari at the best of times.

But, seeing a cheetah chase, lion cubs, elephants, giraffes and migrating wildebeest in real life was such an amazing experience!!

Africa Safari Elephant Serengeti



We’ve done this a few times now – twice in Mexico. If you’re going to go all-inclusive anywhere, Mexico is the place to do it!

Not having to worry about bringing a wallet with you, eating and drinking whatever you want, whenever you want gives a whole new sense of freedom. 

I would normally never call room service. But with all-inclusive the in-room menu is usually included too and it just feels like true luxury to be able to pick up the phone and have room service deliver a snack!

All-inclusive Mexico travel luxury


Business Class & Lounge Access

We don’t normally choose to spend any more money on flights than we have to. Business class is an indulgence we had never opted for before. Even though we considered it recently for our honeymoon (special occasion and all!) we decided we’d rather spend the money on amazing accommodation (see next point below!)

But, with Malaysian Airlines, we were able to put in a “bid” to have our economy class tickets upgraded to Business.

I guess we were lucky that the flight wasn’t too busy so we were able to upgrade our seats for only €340 each.

Lovely to be able to stretch out and have a proper sleep from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur on our way to Bali!

Added bonus? Lounge access before departure! Meaning we were able to eat, shower and relax before our midnight flight!

Malaysian Airlines Business Class


Private Sea View Villa

We spent 10 days in the luxurious Pavilions Hotel in Phuket as “Part One” of our honeymoon.

It was an amazingly private and indulgent stay!

Being driven to and from the restaurant and spa by golf buggies, watching the sunset from our private pool and relaxing on the Bali bed in the midday heat.

Absolute heaven!


The Pavilions seaview villa with private pool


Spa Treatments

Recently, I’ve been jumping at the chance to have a massage or other relaxing spa treatment whenever I can.

I think a good massage with a beautiful surrounding is the all-time travel luxury.

I can struggle to switch my mind off at the best of times… It’s always thinking and whirring and worrying. But, an amazing massage will have me floating on cloud nine!


Luxury Spa


Holidaying with Friends

As much as we love holidaying as a couple, sometimes it is even more enjoyable to holiday with great friends. Especially those we don’t get to see too often.

My first experience in Greece a couple of years ago was on (what has since been dubbed) “the dirt cruise for poor people.”

It was the absolute best time with my best friend and her husband!!!

The “cruise ship” was more like an old ferry and certainly not 5 Star in terms of food, facilities or anything else for that matter. But, we had so much fun together, I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed as much as we did that week!

Oh, and Greece was pretty spectacular too!

Greece Mykonos friends travel


Staying in a Vineyard

After travelling, I’d say wine is our next favourite thing 😇

So, when we had the opportunity to stay in a beautiful farmhouse right in the middle of Mission Estate vineyard in Napier, New Zealand, we grabbed it.

A complimentary bottle of wine on arrival, an outdoor hot tub and an award-winning restaurant just a short walk away…


Mission Bay Estate Vineyard Farmhouse stay


Thanks to Adventures of a London Kiwi, SilverSpoon London, Follow Your Sunshine and guest host Sarah from More Than Just A Cupcake Lover for this month’s inspiration!



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    • You absolutely NEED to do it!! It is indescribable! Seeing those awesome animals in their natural habitat. There are just no words. 🐘🦒🦓

  1. I love all of these! Definitely not what I was expecting in terms of “luxury” but in a good way! There are so many things we take for granted – which is definitely a luxury. I would absolutely LOVE to go on an all-inclusive trip someday. And wow…that elephant is majestic!

    Nicole | Bad with Directions


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