Top Countries To Travel To (After The COVID-19 Pandemic!)

Right now, there’s a lot of debate about whether it’s sensible and responsible to be publishing new blog posts about travel. Never mind suggesting a list of top countries to travel to.

I do understand the concern but I’d like to think that my amazing readers (that’s you by the way! Hi!) are smart and thoughtful enough to realise that any travel related posts are currently only for inspiration, distraction, and daydreaming…

Hopefully it will help pass the time a bit while you’re mostly stuck inside, and help you start planning your travels for after the COVID-19 Pandemic!

With that in mind (and some subtle coercion from my sister-in-law 😅), I figure what better time to write my suggestion of top countries to visit after Coronavirus!

These are some of my all-time favourite destinations and places I would return to time and time again.

Let me know what you think and where you would like to travel after the Coronavirus pandemic has passed and it is once again safe to do so. (And trust me, it WILL pass and we WILL be travelling again! So why not start planning now?)

Travel after coronavirus


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Travel To … New Zealand

I’m sure this isn’t really a surprise to anyone… New Zealand is my second home – I grew up there – and it still holds a very special place in my heart.

No guesses why. New Zealand is truly a spectacular country.

With stunning scenery, amazingly friendly people, great infrastructure and (mostly) pretty good weather, it’s usually pretty high up on most people’s wish list and definitely a fantastic country to visit.

Granted (depending on where you’re coming from), New Zealand is a bit out of the way… And it is expensive.

But, it is honestly so worth it!

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are here (Mount Maunganui, in case you’re asking, is one of my favourites, along with Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel).

Also, the Kiwis make some pretty tasty wine! So that’s a win.

And of course, anyone who enjoys the great outdoors will find plenty of hiking, watersports, skiing and adventure sports like bungy jumping here too.

Actually, that reminds me, I must make sure I write a few more posts about New Zealand for you while we have a bit of “enforced down time”…

New Zealand is one of the best countries to visit
Mount Maunganui (seen here from Papamoa beach) is one of the reasons New Zealand is a great country to visit


Travel To … Russia

I know, this is practically a continent, it’s so big! And unlike New Zealand, Russia’s infrastructure is arguably a little dated…

But, that’s part of the charm! 

Back in 2008 I spent 3 weeks travelling through Russia on the Trans-Mongolian Railway. It was without a doubt one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken! The trip took me from St Petersburg all the way through Siberia, through Mongolia and on to Beijing. 

Aside from the fact that I met some amazing people on this trip (I went with Intrepid Travel’s Trans-Mongolian Experience and couldn’t recommend it more!), Russia quite simply took my breath away.

From attending the ballet in St Petersburg to visiting Red Square in Moscow. Celebrating my birthday on the train in the middle of Siberia surrounded by stunning vistas, to mountain biking on Olkhon Island in Lake Baikal, the largest fresh water lake in the world.

Russia is high up on my list of must-visit countries after COVID-19 has passed.

Red Square in Moscow, Russia, is one of my recommended top places to visit after COVID-19
Red Square in Moscow


Travel To … Croatia

Of all the countries I have visited so far (37 and counting!) Croatia is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favourites!

At the risk of sounding like a typical girl, Croatia is just soooo pretty!!

All those cobblestone streets, and beautiful limestone buildings with their iconic red rooftops. Islands surrounded by glistening, crystal clear water. Immaculate beaches. Exquisite scenery….

What’s there not to like?? 

My recommendation to you for travelling Croatia (after the COVID-19 Pandemic!) is definitely by sailing around the Croatian islands.

Or, if you have limited time and are looking for a city-break, Dubrovnik would definitely be my top pick! 

Dubrovnik, Croatia - a must visit place after COVID-19
View over Dubrovnik


Travel To … Thailand

This is where we’re “stuck” right now… By choice (more or less!). 

When the COVID-19 pandemic well and truly set in, we made the decision to head back to Thailand for the third time, to make sure we were able to hunker down in a spot we knew we absolutely love and would be happy to spend an extended amount of time without getting too restless. 

I know we’re lucky. On Koh Chang where we are at the moment, beaches are still accessible and we’re not in total lockdown (yet?). Aside from that, Thai people are super friendly and Thai food is just yummy! 

To this day, Khao Lak, where we visited on our first trip to Thailand, is still our favourite. Although the beaches around Phuket (where we got married!) certainly aren’t bad either. 

Either way, having travelled around South East Asia for most of the last 9 months, Thailand still stands out as our favourite South East Asian country.

The long stretches of beautiful beaches, amazing food, friendly locals and relaxed atmosphere is enough to get Thailand well up on the “countries to-visit list” in my eyes.

Khao Lak beach in Thailand
Thailand’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world!


Travel To … Ireland

Again, I might be a bit biased (but then again, this is my list so I can be as biased as I like! LOL!) Ireland is home.

I might not have been born there but it’s the country I’ve lived in the longest and right now, in the middle of this crazy pandemic, it’s the place I would want to go back to if it came to it. (But, we’re staying where we are to avoid non-essential travel at this time).

I don’t think I ever knew there were so many shades of green before I went to Ireland. It definitely deserves its title of The Emerald Isle!

Ok, so the weather might not be the greatest, but in my opinion it’s part of Ireland’s charm. The misty clouds create a sense of mystery and almost brings the history of Ireland’s old castles to life. And, the colourful facades throughout many of Ireland’s towns add a mad splash of colour even on rainy days.

The great thing about Ireland is that even when you’re in the city, the stunning countryside is never too far away.

Why not add an Irish road trip to your “after Coronavirus” travel plans!

Ireland is one of my favourite countries and a top place to visit
Beautiful Ireland can be sunny too!


Travel To … Indonesia

Well, specifically, Java island!

Never mind Bali. I know that might be an unpopular view but I’m not a fan of Bali at all.

Java, on the other hand, is what Indonesia is truly all about! From the craziness in Jakarta, the beautiful temples around Yogyakarta, the stunning green river of Green Valley near Pangandaran, to the spectacular sunrise you can witness from the top of Mt Bromo, Java is still (surprisingly!) much of a hidden gem in Indonesia.

There are much fewer tourists on Java than other parts of Indonesia, which means that you should get used to being treated like a bit of a celebrity! So many people would wave at us, shouting out friendly “hello’s” and often (shyly!) asking for a selfie with us.

I’ve never felt so welcomed as a tourist in any other country I’ve visited.

Definitely make sure you add Java, Indonesia to your list of countries to travel to once COVID-19 is well and truly in the past.

Beautiful temples is one of the many reasons to visit Java, Indonesia
Beautiful temples is one of the many reasons to visit Java, Indonesia


Travel To … Tanzania

If you’re in any way an animal lover, going on an African safari has to make it onto your travel list for after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeing cheetahs, lion cubs, elephants, giraffes and migrating wildebeest in real life was such an amazing experience!! 

While going on safari in Tanzania is not going to be the cheapest trip you’ll ever take, I really couldn’t recommend it enough.

To try and keep costs down a bit, we opted for a camping safari, which added a whole additional layer of adventure to the experience! Again, I chose Intrepid Travel for our 8 day camping safari. They’re great for group trips when doing it on your own just feels too complicated.

The reason Tanzania is my recommendation is that your safari will then include the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. You’ll see soooo many animals here, it will quite simply blow your mind. 

A Safari in Tanzani should be high on your list of places to visit
Seeing majestic animals in the wild in Tanzania will take your breath away!


I could probably go on and on, adding lots of amazing countries to travel to, to this list.

But if I had to choose, these 7 countries would be my top recommendations for your travel plans after COVID-19! 

Do any of these sound appealing to you? What countries do you want to travel to after all of this is over?

Let me know in the comments below!


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